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Request for your Assistance


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Your Personal Experiences.

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In an effort to make this site even more useful to both members and visitors, We would like to try and create a database of information on as many Classic Range Rovers as we can. The important information, that only some one who has or does own one can give! What we need is your views on what they are like to own and run! Basically a long term "Road Test Report" The more views and information we have the better we can assist others to make a sound choice with their Range Rover.

If you can or want to help, we need the following information:-

What type of Range Rover(s) do you have, When was it made what year, what does it do to the gallon, what modifications have you done (carbs or engine etc), what does it drive like, how reliable is it, can you get spares for it, Where? do you have a picture (scan ?) have you done any restoration? what? Costs to run, original costs, would you recommend it, who to and why. What tyres do you use, why? what mileage do you get from them and of course any other questions you can think of that YOU might want answered. Also honest answers on known problems.

You will be credited with the write up and a picture of your Range Rover put on the page ( if you can send it!)

We will, when we have enough information, set up a page of "long term tests" so others can look and learn!

Please e mail for more info. E-mail under 'Contacts'