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Members List


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Current Members.

Below is a list of a few of our current members and their vehicles. Realizing that members want to retain their privacy, we do not include addresses or telephone numbers. If you need to contact a member you can do so through the club e-mail address.

Founder: Rex Egerton Chesney

Name: Daniel Dollin, Thirsk, North Yorkshire
Range Rover: 1975 2 door Van, Perkins 4203 3.3 diesel

Name: Nigel de Wallens, Northants
Range Rover: 1990 Vogue 4 Door, 4.6 Overfinch V8

Name: Steve Pena, Suffolk
Range Rover: 1995 Softdash Vogue 300 TDi

Name: Chris Sedgwick, Suffolk
Range Rover: 1987 Caspian Blue Vogue Efi Auto

Name: Ian Pugh, S/W England
Range Rover: 1981 2 Door, Sahara Dust

Name: Steve, Coventry
Range Rover: 1986 Vogue Efi Auto

Name: Frank, Flintshire, North Wales
Range Rover: 1986 4 Door, Perkins 4236 Diesel
Info: Up to 44 MPG!

Name: A.C.Kart, Leeds
Range Rover: 1996 SE

Name: Stephen Potter, Ayrshire, Scotland
Range Rover: 1985 TDi & 1993 LSE
Info: Scottish Area Rep of the Range Rover Register

Name: Greg
Range Rover: 1990 Range Rover County 140k Miles

Name: Darren, London
Range Rover: 1978 2 Door Perkins 4203 3.3 Diesel


Welcome new members!

Information about new members, such as:

Dan is our newest member, and also our yongest. He has just bought his first Range Rover, a 1975 2 Door with a Perkins 3.3 Diesel engine. He has taken it on as a project, it now needs cheap period parts to get it up to standard (Eg: Doors). If you can help, send your message to the club address and it wil be passed on to Dan.

Dan's van!