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Welcome to The RRCC UK!

This site catres for Range Rover (1970 - 1996) enthusiasts living in the UK/Europe. As the founder of this site, I will try my up most to maintain and update this site when and where evere possible. This web site is to keep members informed, and attract a broader audience by introducing ourselves to the community. We'll use this site to inform people about our club, share ideas, and organize events and activities.

As the founder of the RRCC, I'll introduce our club to non-members and give some examples of the types of activities we're involved in. I will also try to update this site where and when ever possible.

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JBX 350N- Featured RR
Memories page updated.
New 'Harrods' RR on 'Home' page.
Members list ditched.
B177 XOW- updated pics. New bullbar!
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'Add Me' promotinal link added.
CX- Featured RR 8.
B517 FDM- Featured RR 7.
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1994 TDI- Featured RR 5.
B177 X0W- Featured RR: Pictures
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Buying Page added.
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ATO 124Y- Featured RR 4.
IAN 818- Featured RR 3.
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Famous Range Rover Page.
The Unique Features Page.
Updated members list.
Featured RR Updated.
Contact us Page Overhauled.
New Membership Page.
Club Memorabilia page.
New Feature Page 'A208 KLL'
Road Test page- 1983 5 Speed.
Overfinch- The Owners Review.
Range Rover V Overfinch.
New memories page.

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Above is a W&P Range Rover commissioned for Harrods, 1982.

Although some four wheel drives were to be found on British roads as early as 1945, it was not until the early 1950's that Land Rover started to produce them in any quantity.

Our Range Rovers are the "ancestors" of today's "Soft Roaders" used to ferry the kids to and from school. Any Classic Range Rover from the rare and basic early 2 Door model to the luxurious 4 Door Vogue SE Softdash, are welcome in the club. These vehicles were a common sight on the British roads during the 70's, 80's & 90's and are still evident in our club today. Thousands of these vehicles have survived (How many 1970's Jags do you see on the road these days?) which must say something about the Craftsmanship of those bygone days.

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1982 'In Vogue'

Above is a Rare 1983 'In Vogue' 5 Speed Manual. Derwent Blue.

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